Foot/Ankle Pain

Treatment For Foot And Ankle Pain Through Chiropractic Care

If you have foot or ankle pain, it's time to see how chiropractic care can help you. When you visit Armstrong Chiropractic Center, you will talk with a chiropractor that will take a careful medical history and talk to you about the pain you are in. Foot and ankle pain can be a result of a tendon or muscle injury, and your chiropractor will look for ways to provide relief using a range of techniques in care.

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How Chiropractic Treatment Helps Foot And Ankle Pain

Chiropractic treatment involves gentle manipulation of your joints to make sure that your joint is moving properly. Through the use of stretching, massage, ultrasound, and hot and cold therapies, a chiropractor can help the range of motion in your ankle. This will improve circulation to the area and help reduce inflammation. Chiropractic care is natural healing for your body and works by mobilizing the painful joint and giving your body the ability to heal. 

What To Expect At A Chiropractor

When you visit a chiropractor in Temple, you will talk about any injuries that led to your foot or ankle pain. After taking a careful medical history, the chiropractor will look over your areas of concern to address any potential problems. Every step will be explained, and you won't have to wonder what is coming next. You will be able to talk about what has been bothering you, and you will hear suggestions regarding the types of exercises you can do to strengthen your feet and ankles. 

Chiropractic care does not use prescription medication and can be used with a number of other treatments as a complementary therapy. It does not interfere with traditional medications and is not going to upset any work done by another type of therapist. Chiropractic care can help promote healing and will give you relief from the pain you are in.

Treatment will begin the first day you visit, and you might need to come several times a week in the beginning to find relief from the pain you are in. After a few weeks, the time between treatments will be longer.

Find Relief For Foot Or Ankle Pain Today

If you are suffering from foot or ankle pain, it's time to contact Armstrong Chiropractic Center in Temple, Texas at (254) 778-5575. We will be happy to talk to you about your pain and have you see our chiropractor to address your specific medical needs.

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