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Non-Surgical Shoulder Pain Treatment at Armstrong Chiropractic Center in Temple, TX

Legend tells of Atlas supporting the entire world on his shoulders -- but shoulder pain can be an impossible burden for just about anyone to carry. If either of your shoulders causes you pain when you perform certain actions, or simply cannot perform those actions at all anymore, you need help restoring your former quality of life. The good news is that you can get that help without turning to surgery, thanks to the treatment options we offer here at Armstrong Chiropractic Center in Temple TX.

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The Complex Problem of Shoulder Pain

Unlike many of the body's joints, the shoulder joint is no simple "hinge." It's a ball-and-socket joint mobilized by a number of tissues and structures, all of which must all work perfectly if you're to enjoy the wide range of motion the shoulder is capable of. But complex assemblies have many ways of breaking down, and the shoulder is no exception to the rule. When damage or inflammation occurs in any of these working parts, you naturally feel pain and stiffness.

Some forms of shoulder pain have violent origins. For instance if the shoulder endures a strong impact or pulling force, the ball of the joint can dislocate from the socket. This intensely painful injury tends to recur after an initial dislocation. It's also possible to tear the muscles or strain the tendons of the rotator cuff, the set of tissues that articulate the shoulder.

Other forms of shoulder pain are chronic in nature, often as the result of long-term overuse. Tendons can grow inflamed after rubbing against bones or becoming impinged. The bursae that normally prevent friction-related pain can themselves become inflamed. Cartilage degeneration in the joint may cause arthritis. Even a long-immobilized shoulder may experience painful stiffness, a condition called frozen shoulder.

Safe, Natural Treatment Methods from Our Temple Chiropractor

Our Temple chiropractor, Dr. Stephen Armstrong, can determine the cause of your shoulder pain through a variety of techniques, including X-rays of the joint itself and evaluation of how your symptoms change when you move your shoulder in certain ways. As a practitioner of the Gonstead Technique, Dr. Armstrong can deliver precisely-targeted adjustments to the components of the joint (or to any other joint that might be referring pain to your shoulder). Other shoulder problems often respond to cold laser therapy, ultrasound, corrective exercises, lifestyle changes, or electrical stimulation. We'll create an individual holistic plan to help your shoulder feel like itself again.

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